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New Educational Trend and UniApply are proud to present the easy-to-use application portal for NET participants. Due to our experience over the years we would like to help NET participants to facilitate and improve the further cooperation after New Educational Trend events.

The main aim of portal: 
✓ automate the application process for B2B co-operation: Agent–Educator
✓ support Agents to find all details about educational programs of Educators; 
✓ help to find all admission requirements and easy to fill out the requested information and documents; 
✓ help Educators to distribute and post the promotional information in one place with easy-to - find search system. 

The portal is integral part of New Educational Trend events!

How it works – STEP - BY - STEP: 
STEP 1. NET Agent signs direct collaborative agreements with NET Educators during NET events
STEP 2. NET Agent registers Students using a custom agent code
STEP 3. NET Agent applies for Student to programs of partner NET Educators
STEP 4. NET Educator receives application and assesses admission
STEP 5. NET Agent successfully completes post acceptance University requirements of applied Student
STEP 6. NET Educator pays commission to NET Agent

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